About Us

We are an independent, boutique private wealth management firm.

Commons Capital


Commons Capital is an independent, boutique private wealth management firm delivering an extraordinary multi-family office experience. Founded in 2009, the firm is headquartered in Needham, Massachusetts and maintains an office in New York City.

We were established on the belief that we can greatly improve on the traditional Wall Street relationship. While economies of scale may substantially benefit financial institutions, they also create potential costs in the form of conflicts of interest. Our independence frees us from those biases and allows us to focus on what is important — you.

We have created a dynamic organization offering effective, flexible, and visionary financial services to a select client base, transcending the capabilities and limitations of traditional firms.

We work across continents and across cultures, calling upon all that our distinctive team have learned and have lived, to create innovative and decisive possibilities with the certainty of action.

Vision + Mission

With today’s exponential pace of change, opportunities from traditional sectors and disruptive innovations require agility and vision to act decisively.

For those driven to seize opportunities, Commons Capital offers a team who fulfill ambitions and turn visions into reality.

We construct personalized strategies according to our clients’ needs by bringing together the traditional aspects of comprehensive private wealth management with a firm entrepreneurial spirit. We continually explore the wide range of disruptive services and expertise on global markets.

While our clients have differing goals and different measures of success, they all rely on our relentless energy and proficient expertise to achieve their objectives.

Awards + Recognition

2011 — 2023

Boston Magazine FIVE Star Wealth Manager Award

2011 — 2023

Barron's Annual Top Independent Advisors Summit

2012 — 2023

Private Wealth Management Award

2014 — 2017

Women's Choice Award

2011 — 2016

Insurance Consultants & Counselors Award

2014 — 2016

U.S. Trade & Commerce Research Institute Excellence Award

Oath to Our Clients

Our values guide each and every interaction we have with our clients. To help you understand what our values mean to our success, we have developed this Client Charter:

Commons Capital always places the best interests of the client first. Conflicts of interest will be avoided when possible and disclosed when not. We treat all clients with fairness and respect. Questions and queries are handled promptly and courteously.

We are transparent in all dealings and transactions. As a general rule, remuneration from third parties is not accepted. We will clearly articulate our investment philosophy, fee structure, and service model. We give answers in plain English, with whatever level of detail you seek.

Commons Capital employs professionals with proven track records in their respective fields. They evolve in a work environment which actively promotes innovation, integrity and honesty.


Act in the best interest of the client

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We provide advice and recommendations that are only in the client's best interest by following a fiduciary standard of care. We do this because it is proper, ethical and right. All of the following principles are consistent with this philosophy and our way of conducting business.

Focus on professional advice, not on products

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We are client-centric, which means we focus on delivering sound advice and targeted solutions, not on selling financial products. The only incentive we have in offering particular solutions is whether the client's best interest will be served.

Deliver attentive, individualized service

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We provide a high level of personal attention. We make a point of getting to know each client and learning what is important to him or her. Developing personalized insight is key to providing appropriate advice and services.

Provide full and transparent disclosure

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Our private wealth management services and fees are fully disclosed and clearly explained. We give answers in plain English, with whatever level of detail the client seeks.

Practice what we preach

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We invest our personal and firm assets based on the same set of investment principles and using the same or comparable securities that we recommend to our clients.

For Whom We Exist

We are at the service of exceptional individuals and families from around the world, assisting them in the management of private wealth, demanding businesses, the habitual and the unusual.

We offer solutions to people seeking a holistic view of wealth, from bankable assets and real estate to tangible valuables which surpass the ordinary. For those determined to stay ahead in a fast-moving world, where risks and rewards are abstract.

Commons Capital families are global, complex, competitive. They have come to us in search of sincere and unbiased advice on areas close to their hearts – the things that really matter to them.


Environmental Sustainability

We strive to be leaders in environmental stewardship and have implemented specific steps to reach our goal of becoming a net-zero organization. We are a long-established limited liability corporation and we recognize the importance of making every effort possible to have minimal impact in our day-to-day operations.

Community Involvement

We support innovative strategic programs and partnerships that help make our communities better, stronger, and more vibrant places in which to live, work, and conduct business. We invest in areas that promote community well-being from providing food and shelter, conserving natural resources and minimizing our impact on the environment, improving education and encouraging arts and creativity.

Corporate Governance

We believe that good business means more than just strong financial performance and superb operations. At Commons Capital, everything begins with a commitment to the highest ethical standards. By doing the right thing and operating with integrity and transparency, we build and maintain credibility and trust with our clients, advisors, vendors, partners, and the community.

Commitment to Our People

We are committed to creating a work environment in which advisors continually demonstrate respect for opinions, attitudes, attributes and feelings of anyone with whom they come in contact with during their daily work. We provide a workplace free from all forms of discrimination and harassment. We offer exceptional benefits and exciting opportunities for professional growth. We encourage everyone to find a balance between their personal and professional lives and give back to the communities where they work and live.